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About us


Monica Van de Water is the Chef-Owner-Operator of LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC the creator of Wild Wild Pierogi! Contact Monica at 505-913-1500 or email at for drop off catering only during COVID-19. Pop-ups have been ceased till I feel it is safe. New Mexico Safety Certified in COVID safe practices.

LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC focuses on meal solutions in our community delivering traditional to modern, delicious, healthy, seasonal soups, breads, salads and comfort foods to your home. LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC provides a direct-to-consumer natural single serving to family sized portions. Customers enjoy products based on familiar comfort foods to modern cuisine, facilitates an easy solution for mealtime in our fast paced lifestyles.


Many recipes and love of cooking come from my French Canadian grandmother (Memere). I grew up with a Ukrainian family and learned to make many traditional meals with them. I have been cooking for our community for seven years.
Located in White Rock and run out of a licensed commercial kitchen.
  • Food Safety, Customer satisfaction are LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC priority. NM Safety Certified in COVID-19
  • or 505-913-1500
  • Social links Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.