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New! Barbacoa Tacos


Slow cooked beef brisket marinated in chiles, garlic, bay leaf, Mexican spices.


Family Sized - Approximately 1lb of brisket and with 12 flour tortillas, lettuce, white onions, and cilantro. Feeds 4-6 people

On the side- Green Chile, and Chipotle Mayo

Individual Size - Brisket with 2 medium sized flour tortillas, lettuce, white onion, cilantro. Sides: green chile, and chipotle mayo.

Family Sized Vegetarian - House made Black beans and 12 flour tortillas, white onion and cilantro. On the side - Green Chile, and Chipotle Mayo. Feeds 4-6 people

Individual Size - Same as above. 2 flour tortillas.

Whiskey Green and Red Chile Mango Hot Sauces can be purchased separately.