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Frozen Pierogi

Frozen Pierogi


Traditional is potato and cheese filled. The others are also potato and cheese filled with green chile added to one and red chile mango to another.

Take your pick of Traditional, Green Chile, and Red Chile Mango below.

Delivery have plenty of ice, ice packs in cooler to keep pierogi frozen.

If no cooler or ice left out I will not leave, as they will unthaw quickly and spoil. We can arrange pick up.

To cook add pierogi to boiling salt water. Simmer pierogi till dumplings surface to the top and cook for a few more minutes. Remove pierogi with slotted spoon and add bacon, onions, or mushrooms. Whatever you like. Sour cream, etc.

You can also fry pierogi in oil or butter after boiling them till they have a crisp side to them. Turn over often so they don't stick and tear.

Los Alamos and White Rock Delivery