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Porketta with Roasted Baby Potatoes and Carrots


Single serve for 12.00 each and Family includes four individual single serves for 10.00 each. Savings of two dollars per tray.

The Canadian version of Italian porchetta, locally in Northern Ontario called ‘porketta’, is a boneless pork roast (tenderloin is used here) marinated overnight with spices of rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, dried parsley, paprika, peppercorns, onion, and garlic salt.  I learned about this special spice mix while working in a local deli, which I still use to this day for family and friends. 

Porketta slices comes with roasted baby potatoes and carrots. 

 Heat in microwave covered for ~1-2minutes. Cover with napkin. Don't use lid.

Keep in mind I undercook pork roast so when you reheat it's fully cooked.

Our trays and lids are all biodegradable.