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Whiskey Green Chile Mango Hot Sauce

Whiskey Green Chile Mango Hot Sauce


This sauce is great on burrito's, pizza, scrambled eggs, tacos, chicken, steak, pork, pierogi, etc.

If you have not tried Monica's Wild Whiskey Chile Mango Hot Sauces you will be in for a surprise. These fresh and unique flavors are like nothing you tasted before. Don't let the whiskey part scare you, the whiskey combines the deep rooted flavors of New Mexican chiles and the fresh sweet taste of mango like a love affair.

This sauce has some nice heat to it. This is a customer favorite. 

If you like a lot of heat add the Whiskey Red Chile Mango Sauce.

We are proud to be true New Mexico certified which means all chiles are from a local New Mexican business and ranch. All meals I provide to our customer's is made on site.